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I am a photographer and conceptual artist who was born in Banff, Canada and moved to Switzerland at a young age, where I now live and work with my family. After studying photography at the Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax, Canada, I worked as an assistant to Pipilotti Rist for over a year. In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Art. In 2016 I received a Master of Fine Arts from the Institute Art Gender Nature (HGK FHNW) in Basel.


My photography focuses on the intersection of art and culture, documentary, portraiture and still life. My work is characterised by playfulness and subtlety and I have a distinct sense for colour and composition. 

I love telling stories through images and collaborating on photographic concepts.


Let's explore new visual worlds together.


Art Basel, KulturVerein Zürcher Museen, Risa Hutwerkstatt, Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt, Baden Stadt, Historisches Museum Baden, FHNW, Zimmermannhaus Brugg, VITRINE Gallery, Kunsthaus Zofingen, Verein Blaue Blume, Villa Renata, Balzer Projects, Pipilotti Rist, Grosseltern Magazin, Schweizer Familie, SRF, Raiffeisen, responsAbility, valtech, Lionstep, SMG, BOOM, KATZ.



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